Terms & Conditions

PAYMENT, REFUNDS, CANCELLATION AND STORAGE POLICY                       Note: TF= Treasured Flowers

  • I understand that I must pay the deposit of $400 to TF by 2 instalments. Failure to pay the first deposit of $150.00 within 24 hours of delivery of my flowers to TF, entitles TF to terminate my order. I understand that no work or part of the preservation process will commence until the first deposit of $150.00 is paid & TF receives my signed terms & conditions form. Failure to commence the preservation process will result in the flowers wilting, sometimes beyond salvation.  The second deposit instalment is payable within 1 month of or on frame selection when you return from your honeymoon, if applicable (whichever is earlier). I agree that the deposit will be deducted from my overall balance.
  • Once my flowers have been delivered to Treasured Flowers, I agree that if:
  • (a) I default in the observance of any obligations;
  • (b) Whether I have paid the full deposit or I have paid a deposit of less than $400.00; and
  • (c) This Contract is terminated or cancelled for any reason; TF shall be entitled to,
  • keep the amount of deposit paid as liquidated damages
  • recover from me an amount equal to $400 less the deposit actually paid as liquidated damages
  • Retain, keep, preserve, destroy, discard, resell or deal with, any flowers received as TF deems appropriate in its sole discretion without regard to my wishes, & it is agreed that these rights shall be in addition to & shall not limit any other remedies available to TF herein contained or implied notwithstanding any rule of law or equity to the contrary. This clause shall not merge on completion of this Contract.
  • Half or 2nd deposit instalment is required once frame & mat board selection has been made. The balance remaining, is payable on completion of works.
  • Completed frames must be collected/delivered & paid for within 14 days of notification, or a storage fee of $2.00 per day will be added until full payment is received. All orders not picked up after 30 days will be considered abandoned and will become property of TF.
  • I agree that I have provided TF with my or my agents credit card details for first deposit & I authorise TF to debit my credit card 2 or 3 times depending on how I have chosen to pay for my order, that is over 2 or 3 payments. I also declare that I am the card holder of the credit card provided, or I have obtained permission for use of another credit card that is not mine (if applicable).


  • We offer a complimentary pick up service for our Sydney GPO metro customers. If a pick up occurs outside of the Sydney metro area a nominal fee will be charged. 15/20, 20/20, 20/30 or 28/35cm frames or funeral orders will not be picked up free of charge, a small fee is payable. No frame larger than 40/60cm will be delivered.
  • Delivery will be charged at a flat rate for Sydney metro area; this price will include handling & insurance. For interstate orders please call to obtain a price.
  • All flowers collected via courier must be packaged in a box for transporting with adequate packing. If not the courier will refuse to transport your flowers. The responsibility is on the customer to ensure the flowers are boxed & labelled correctly for the courier. Please refer to the flower care section on our website for how to box your flowers.
  • If you have requested your frame to be delivered, an exact time cannot be guaranteed, however if a delivery is unsuccessful the parcel will be returned to us and a 2nd attempt delivery fee will be charged. Full payment must be made before delivery of frame.
  • If the frame is damaged in transit you will need to contact us within 7 days of delivery to make a claim. No further claims can be made after 7 days.  Claims (frames) will need to be dropped off and picked up from our showroom by the customer for repairs.


  • Frame selection must be completed no later than 4-6 weeks of delivery of your fresh flowers. The maximum time we will hold your flowers without a frame selection is two (2) months from arrival.  If no selection is made within this time frame, we will discard the flowers & your order.
  • If you miss your first appointment we will reschedule. If you fail to attend your rescheduled 2nd appointment, without notification, there will be a $25.00 no-show fee added to your order.
  • I agree to choose my frame & background colours carefully. Once I have picked my selection and have signed the order form I understand that no changes are allowed.
  • If TF approves any amendments or any additional work requested by me, I agree to pay a flat fee of $35.00 per variation. I agree to pay the required increase for the varied frame, mat boards, flowers works, or size.
  • Any extras you want to include in your frame – must be received no later than 30 days from frame selection.
  • Layout of your flowers and/or accessories will be at our discretion. You may request a specific design; however TF reserves the right to change this design if the original layout requested is not suitable when recreating your order. If layout/design is chosen by me (customer), & I do not agree to the recommendation/layout of TF; TF will not be held responsible for dissatisfaction of final design.  A fee will apply to redesign the framed flowers or inclusions.
  • If the frame you have chosen has been discontinued or is temporarily unavailable from our suppliers, we will not proceed until we have contacted you to choose another frame.


  • Once the frame, mat board, inclusions (if applicable) has been selected /received, & your 2nd payment has been made, your frame will be ready in 6-12 weeks. We reserve the right to extend this time to accommodate our busy season.


  • Your framed flowers are prone to environmental conditions in which it is placed. We do what we can to ensure your framed flowers will last as long as possible.  Just like fabrics and furnishings, your flowers will gradually fade over time. Whilst this frame is hung you may find that some debris may fall on the bottom of the frame, this is a natural occurrence that will happen over time.  To do your part, avoid excessive U.V light and humid/damp areas when considering a place to hang your framed flowers.  Please note that the plastic/bubble wrap provided by TF is for transportation purposes only.  When storing your flowers, please remove this and hang on an internal wall.
  • Your flowers, flower arrangement, floral arrangement or bouquet (called “your flowers”) is/are not treated and protected against damage caused by but not limited to: Natural deterioration, artificial deterioration, storage deterioration and negligence deterioration. Therefore, we cannot accept, and exclude entirely, any direct or indirect liability for such damage to the flowers caused outside the terms of this agreement.  For the sake of clarity, we exclude any direct or indirect damage to the flowers caused by any person, event or thing save and expect for the conduct of Treasured Flowers.
  • “Natural deterioration” includes damage by atmospheric condition or disease or contaminant or fungi or any other cause.
  • Artificial deterioration” includes damage by heating or cooling systems, damp or humid conditions, human handling, animals & insects, accidental or deliberate damage.”
  • Storage deterioration” includes damage by damp or humid conditions.
  • Negligence deterioration” includes the customer not following the care instructions provided on the back of the completed frame & as a result the flowers have deteriorated.
  • “Damage” includes loss of flower due to fire, storm; loss of electricity, flood, mechanical failure or any circumstances beyond our control.
  • “Treasured Flower’s liability shall in all circumstances be limited to:- the repair of the goods or payment of the cost of having the goods repaired.”
  • It is both our commitment & responsibility to ensure you receive a high quality product. You must appreciate that we work with natural products (flowers, wooden frames) and that some slight imperfections may be present e.g. colour variation, shrinkage of flowers, recreation of flower arrangement, & with frames some graining, bowing, nicks or spots may be present.
  • Your order serves as your consent to allow TF Pty Ltd, to use your framed flowers for advertising purposes.


  • Once the moisture has been withdrawn from the flowers, some colours may change during the drying process. For example, some whites will antique to ivory, hot pinks can turn dark purple, red can turn burgundy & pinks will darken or can even turn lavender.  We cannot guarantee that your flowers will maintain their original colour. Colour-enhancement may be used.
  • If the flowers are damaged or cannot be preserved, a replacement fee will be charged for the flowers. This will be advised to you if required.
  • Not all flowers can be preserved due to its nature. Flowers that we do not recommend for preservation include Bouvardia, asparagus fern and succulents.
  • TF must within 48 hours of receipt of my flowers, photograph, measure, disassemble, count and assess my bouquet & its individual parts & notify or attempt to notify me by telephone of their assessment.
  • I agree, accept & deem their assessment to be a true & correct determination of the flowers received by them. I agree & accept & will not object to their assessment notwithstanding the fact that their assessment may differ from the flowers I ordered from the florist, the flowers I photographed on my wedding day or the flowers which were packaged by me or my agent to deliver to TF.
  • I agree that each flower or its part will be individually pre-treated according to type of flower and colour solutions that shatterproof and open cell structure. I accept that post treatment of flowers is compulsory and will give shine to all flowers.
  • I accept that TF will recommend a size & frame based on the flowers they receive & that if my instructions to preserve or frame my flowers varies from their recommendation in any way, I accept that the optimal usage of all of my flowers will not be reached. I accept that the price for the job will vary depending on my chosen frame size and quality.
  • We select the best flowers after the flowers have been preserved to use in your designs. Flowers not used in the design/recreation of your arrangement become property of TF.


  • Our wedding bouquet preservation involves many intricate steps & requires the advice of our professional floral designers. Because each wedding bouquet is an individual artwork in itself, there is no way to guarantee that the appearance of your final ‘Floral Works of Art’ will perfectly match your wedding bouquet as it did on the event or how you may envision it will look like.  Our floral designer will ensure to closely match the dried flowers with the original bouquet, however we are working with different mediums and angle views and some variations may be present.