The Process

Flower Preservation involves many different stages.  We have simplified the process and divided this into three stages.  Obviously our team and your flowers undergo many more stages, however, we have made this process so easy for you to understand.


Has the event passed?  If yes, please contact us ASAP or click ‘Book Now’ on the home page to arrange the free collection of your flowers.  Please note that a minimum spend of $580 is required for a free collection.  If you are unsure if you classify for a FREE pickup, please call first before booking this service as conditions apply.

Is the event upcoming? – Please contact us via email  or phone 1300 134 456 to discuss your options.

IMPORTANT INFO AT THIS STAGE: Flowers will be collected via courier or dropped off by you at our showroom.  Flowers are photographed, dismantled and recorded into our files before we pre-treat them for preservation.  A Deposit of $150 is now payable with your flowers.


Within 4-6 weeks from your wedding or event (usually after you return from your honeymoon):  Frame selection needs to be placed and your second payment will be required.  Total amount depends on the size of the frame and any inclusion you wish to go for.

Consultation required? We offer a free consultation in our showroom.  An appointment is necessary.  We also offer a phone or email consultation.  Please get in contact as we are very flexible and will work with you in order to complete your frame order.

Turnaround time from now?  Once you have paid your second installment and finalised your frame order – turnaround time can be anything between 6-12 weeks! In peak periods we may extend this time to 6-18 weeks.


Completed order: We will contact you via email, phone, text message to advise you that your frame is ready for collection or delivery.  Your final payment is now due.  Don’t get confused with this payment as it will be the exactly the same as your second payment already made.  The frame needs to be collected within two weeks from notification.  If you require delivery, please advise as this is an extra charge.300_eCommerce_3_237