Flower Care

Caring for your Bouquet

During your wedding day your bouquet will be handled many times and some damage can occur. As a result not all of your flowers may be suitable to dry. To preserve your wedding bouquet it is important that you handle it with care after your wedding. We suggest placing your flowers in a cool place maybe a bathroom or the laundry. DO NOT let your flowers freeze or wet them with water. Do not at any time place your bouquet in a household or commercial refrigerator. DO NOT store flowers with fruit and Vegetables.

Packing Your Bouquet For Courier
You will need to carefully place your flowers in a box (usually the same box the florist delivers your flowers in) with shredded newspaper or tissue paper on the bottom of the box. Please ensure that you tape up the box and Label the box with your details, such as name, phone, address and current email address. Once this is done, please phone our showroom to obtain further details.


DO NOT place your bouquet or flower arrangement in the fridge. Flowers that have been placed in the refrigerator will wilt and become very soft. We suggest you follow our instructions on how to care for your flowers to ensure your floral arrangement arrives in the best possible condition. Please only use disposable packaging items as we do not hold or keep any boxes or items received from your flower packaging to return to clients.

The courier will collect the box of flowers anytime between 9am to 5:30pm (you must pre book the courier).  Please note as we use an independent courier an exact time cannot be given.

As stated in our terms and conditions “All bouquets collected via courier must be packaged in a box for transporting with adequate packing. If the flowers aren’t packaged correctly the courier will refuse to transport your bouquet. The onus is on the customer to ensure the flowers are boxed and labeled correctly for the courier”.

*************VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE*******************

If you have arranged for pickup of your flowers from the Hotel on the Monday after your wedding, please instruct concierge that the box of flowers are to remain next to them at all times and it should NOT TO BE PLACED IN THE COOL ROOM.