When and How do I place my order?

We usually recommend you place your order or make your reservation 1 week in advance, that way we can guarantee your placement.  If your wedding is happening in the next few days, we recommend you phone or email us with your details. If you know your selection of frame and matt board you can simply order this online.

What can I do if the wedding or funeral has already been?

If the event has occurred, please call on 1300 134 456 or email us info@treasuredflowers.com.au to get more information as other options may be available.

How much money is required up front?

Once your order has been placed we require your deposit of $150.00 to be paid ASAP. This deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final payment. After the flowers have been received we will require a second installment of half of your balance to be paid. Sometimes this payment happens when your frame and matt board are chosen. The third installment or final payment is due once your framed flowers are ready for pick up/delivery.

How much does the preservation cost?

The final price will be determined by glass size you select. Within this price includes the matt board, which your flowers are mounted on, and the matt board against the glass, which trims your flowers. Any additions to the frame such as garter, marriage certificate or second mat board will incur an additional fee.

Do you do Payment Plans?

Yes. However, if this is required, you will need to inform us ASAP. That way, we can design a payment plan that suits both parties. Usually, our payment plans are no longer than 6 weeks. Therefore you will need to make the initial payment of your deposit, then a payment plan would commence. Please note that any arrangement for payment would need to be adhered to, failure to do so would mean that full payment would be required.

How soon do you need my flowers?

The sooner we get your bouquet the better result you will have once it is preserved. We strongly suggest you call us ASAP and make arrangments to have your flowers delivered to our showroom. We no longer offer a free pick up (due to many uncontrolled factors and the fragile nature of the flowers). Alternatively, you can arrange to express post your flowers to us through Australia Post.

How long does the preservation take?

Usually, the whole process takes approximately between 6 to 18 weeks from when you place your frame order. Treasured Flowers reserves the right to extend this time frame if needed to provide you with a high quality finished product that you will be happy with.

Can I just get my flowers preserved without framing them?

No, all our preservation of flowers must be protected and placed within a frame.

Do the flowers change colour?

Yes. All flowers that are preserved will change in colour, white flowers will become creamy and some colours, especially red flowers, a little darker. Over time some flowers may become more antique in appearance, especially pink, peach, white and yellow flowers. Treasured Flowers colour enhances each flower to ensure they looked as closely as possible as they did on the day.   We can not guarantee that your flowers will maintain their original colour.  Flowers that we do not recommend for preservation include succulents, bouvardia, asparagus fern and Anthurium. Most other traditional wedding flowers preserve well. If you have questions about your flower choices please contact us.

Do my preserved flowers require any special care?

Yes. We do what we can to ensure that your flowers will last as long as possible. Just like fabrics and furnishings, your picture will gradually fade over time. It is important therefore to avoid excessive U.V light, damp and very hot areas. When considering a place to hang your picture, a cool and dry place is needed. We recommend that your picture should be hung on an internal wall rather than an external wall. If you are thinking about storing the framed picture, please hang it on a wall rather than leaving it unattended.

Please note that the plastic/bubble wrap provided is for transporting purposes only; Treasured Flowers will not take any responsibility for deterioration caused by flowers stored in the plastic/bubble wrap.

It has been our commitment and responsibility to ensure that you receive a high-quality product. You must appreciate that we work with natural products and that some imperfections may be present.

All preserved flowers (air dried, silica dried and freeze-dried) are subject to insect infestation. While infestation does not occur often (less than 1% of all floral arrangements preserved) it can damage your flowers and is hard to treat. Indian meal Moths and Weevils invade the cleanest homes and are often found in flour, bird seed, peanuts, pecans, dog food, candy, macaroni, breakfast cereal, cornmeal, dried beans, etc. These insects can and will fly from a pantry or storage area. Once preserved flowers become infected it is very difficult to correct the problem without damage to the flowers so prevention is the best solution. Treasured Flowers is not responsible for and cannot repair flowers that have been infected by insects.

How long will my preserved flowers last?

Like any natural product, care is needed to ensure the durability of the flowers. Many factors will play a major role in how long your flowers will last such as the amount of sunlight, humidity, and heat that the frame is exposed. These factors will determine its lifespan. As a rule of thumb, unless the frame is damaged by human handling and or is placed in an environment that is listed above, then your framed flowers should last you a lifetime.


Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.